Sunday, August 31, 2008


New member of the Grumpy Family coming around February 19 th 2009!

(course mom thinks it will get here in a snow storm on Valentine's Day)

Monday, August 4, 2008

"why that is so normal"

You would think word like this would irk me! Enrage me!!!! or even just piss me off a little.

But most of the time I just make a sly smile and think..... what you don't know could fill a book about how normal all my kids are and how normal our lives really are!

I got that quote today when Adrian and I went into Walgreen's from a parent of one of Colin's classmates when she asked how Colin was doing with his new adopted brother (one of the reasons I haven't "officially posted in a while..... I can't share personal information about the "Big D" till he is ours forever! (I have been writing furiously.... how I am keeping sane)

I just decided today and everyday (I really know when a new parent of a special needs child makes it to the next phase in their own parental acceptance when words like this no longer cause tears or running to the bathroom or a nasty retort) when someone says something like this to me to be happy! I have a the best kept secrete in town!

I am so loved by all my kids that even when they all scream for twenty minutes straight....and it does happen more than I would like.... that I know I will get more hugs and kisses to make up for it later than they will likely ever get in there entire life time! AND THEY MEAN THEM.... they are not manipulative hugs..... OK maybe Adrian has a few of those..... every once an a while!

So today I smiled and I felt sorry for this mom who thinks that I must not have a "normal" life..... because of all my kids issues...... all I can say is she sure doesn't know what she is missing!

And I hope and wait for the day when all parents of Special kids can get to this point!