Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Special Olympics Track- Colin & Melea

Besides President Obama's 100 day celebratory town hall meeting here today, we had a much more exciting event..........another Special Olympic Track Meet, this time for Colin & Melea.

It really is amazing to go to these events. Though we were almost late because the presidential motorcade blocked the highway due to the overcast and gloomy weather preventing the helicopters from flying. How ever I did manage to get myself sunburned......and Emerson got a little pink on his for head. Colin & Melea just got browner and more gorgeous with their olive complexions.

The day started at McDonald's with our special Mommy & kids breakfast of hot cakes......OK I really needed that large iced coffee! We always try to share a special family breakfast before each field trip so the children who aren't going...... feel special too. This morning it was so cool to walk arm and arm across the parking lot with Adrian singing her new "song" about how much she loves her family! What an amazing girl...I just wish she had gotten any of her dad's or her aunt's musical talent......but alas she sing and keeps time like me! But she tries and since I believe heart does count (and I am her mom) it is amazing!

Then we went to school to have Colin & Melea catch the bus with their classmates.....but surprise when the bus gets STAR SEATS! Things like this used to irritate me......but not as much as it used too. ("serenity now....serenity now") OK....really this is why I make sure Eric or I are able to go on every I can drive them.....if it happens......and it usually happens once or twice a year. I actually think my kids like it better anyways! More mommy time......and this time she got to ride next to Emerson.....extra special morning part three.
Well we follow the bus.... get parked..... find the kids teacher and get to meet our buddies for the day. Just like Devon's last week, we got some wonderful helpers. Dillan & Brian.
These awesome students took my kids around to their events and played with them all day at the Olympic Village. They were so patient and tried to get them involved.
A lot of times people ask me if Colin remembers stuff....well two days later he is still doing the cool handshake that Brian taught him. Colin was even trying ti teach it to Devon and Colin.
Colin is still showing off his ribbons and Melea showing me her medal. So all in all another really great day!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I am so tired of Wal-M#$% and Targ&*) and all the other stores treating me like I am a dumb consumer.

I watch prices I watch numbers / counts on boxes...... I have eight mouths to feed and butts to diaper! I NOTICE and I am tired of it! Quit keeping the packages the same size and putting in less...... from cereal (yeah I know you just matched General Mills and others). I have put up with the disappearing diapers for a while and even the missing 48 wipes (8 from every package for about 2-3 weeks down from 80 to 72 then a huge new end cap saying more...we are giving you more now!

But yesterday you really made me mad! I will call again today when I finish this...... I am madder than when you got rid of the green (lime) flavored yogurt for 3 months when you put more of the ridiculously priced GoGurt and other espensive kid marketed brands! Madder than when you quit carrying equate bar soap!

You took a whole package of wipes out of the six pack in the parents choice! At first I just thought I got a defective package...... it shook....... I looked at the package....same size...... you didn't even try to hid it this time...... It just said FIVE.....440 wipes.......not the usual 6 pack.

There was an empty space.... someone else will notice......they have too..... it can't just be me.

OK it can Eric just opened it....I had to buy it.....we were out..... I guess that is how you get away with it...... you are our only choices if I need to keep our costs as low as they can go! But I a, noticing and keeping track and angry.......angry about the fact that this pack is missing.....angry about the fact in several weeks it "will suddenly" reappear as a gimmick to make you think you care about out needs and the fact that everyone is penny pinching.......and YOU ARE TRYING TO HELP US OUT! But I will remember.......

I wish I could boycott you..... I tried mad it 2 weeks and 5 days.....19 days...... oh yeah it did nothing in their bottom line.....made me completely sure I hated the generic diapers at Walgre&&^% and ended up costing me more money on just about everything! I am sure that you didn't even notice a dent in your bottom line...... (note I spend about $250 each week on food and other household items there).....but to me it is a huge amount.

Wal-M#$%@ was the second corporate brand my kids recognized (McDonald's being first).......My son Jordan & Adrian's could say it before Grandma and most of their siblings has become the generic term for "store" at our house like xerox...... but notice.... I am watching and I know and I am mad.

Raise the prices, but quite trying to make me think you are doing me a favor by giving me 8 more wipes or 2 more diapers or locating the missing 2 oz of generic Cheerios! The used to be made money when you took them away,,,,,,,,, GIVE THEM BACK!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Devon and Track Special Olympics......

or A nice Girl named "Katie"!

Today Devon got to go to the Special Olympic Track Meet. (Next week is Colin & Melea's) It was so much fun to get to spend the morning with him.....though I think the "spirits" were conspiring against me for the first 4 hours of my morning.......

  1. why did I ever let the kids (Colin & Adrian now do every day....some days so does Melea) start taking showers before me....... I WANT AN INSTANT HOT WATER HEATER!
  2. someone stole the shoes I wanted to wear (after I took the time to shave my legs)
  3. afternoon helper called in sick so I am panicked that I can't go ....but morning helper says she can stay till at least 2 pm! THANK HEAVENS
  4. Melea tries to play sick till she realizes that I am taking Emerson with me..... so the plan of staying home to play with the baby....not working as she planned.... so she runs off to school to torment the staff there!
  5. Grandma still in hospital and I am worried about her....
  6. I finally get there.....they make us park at another school across a street I would not have crossed with "normal" children....let alone Devon....thank heaven I was running so late.....I sent him on the bus!
  7. There was also a huge huge huge set of steps and I could not carry the stroller, the diaper bag, Emerson's monitors, camera , our lunch up those stairs.....and I forgot I had Emerson too!
  8. Jordan broke my drip coffee pot last week, and out of instant coffee they make IV coffee? URGH!!!!!!!!
  9. I really do like going to Special Olympic is so nice to see so many happy faces and can and always cheers me up....worked really well after this morning and my lack of coffee!

  1. I finally found Devon and met his helper for the day. Her name was Katie.....she seemed nice and Devon was holding her hand and smiling (though he would do this with Satan and any ability to distinguish) But she seemed to have the energy that Devon needs .

Most people think I am neurotic about going to all these event.....but I taught High school for a while and it is a 50 /50 chance at getting a "not so interested" helper.......and all my kids run! so I get worried....OK down right scared!

But no problem with our helper today......she was attentive to me, Devon and Devon's school staff as they explained his needs and issues (OK I was a little worried when i first saw her...and no staff....but boy did she do great!)

We got to play games.....I swear all the clubs at this high school least 20 carnival games.....Devon brought home six bubble containers and all kids of carnival treasures (OK junk that Adrian can try to feed Emerson tomorrow......). But it was fun to watch Devon attempt to play the games and to see him brighten up when Melea and Adrian and he were going through the bag when he got home.

Devon gets to compete in "challenges" to build his hopping, and jumping, and throwing tennis balls and running to someone (his new pretty friend Katie). It might seem like a waste of time to some people....but sometimes just watching your son do a little bit with a stranger is amazing.

To stand back and see how that smile can bright the world. To spend a minute not panicked about hospital bills or balancing a check book or wondering about how or when the TV will have some "good news" about the economy. That is what I got this morning!

Three and half hours of time with Devon (Emerson was along for the ride....and a small red nose....sunscreen must have rubbed off). We played we hugged each other, a big red dog, played clap clap with Spiderman & Wolverine, were timid with Captian America and just hugged the heck out of the "Tiger".

We through some pom poms, blew bubbles, picked ducks & fish out of water, got matching tattoos, got covered in Peanut Butter & jelly and watched him drink a full carton of chocolate milk! Then we ran some, jumped some and threw some balls. We even crammed ourselves into a port-a-potty together for a diaper change! (Katie held Emerson....thanksso much!)

I want to thank all the kids and people that made this day special....the planning is not so easy to pull off an event like this! These young adults worked hard to put the special in "Speacial Olymipics"! From the girls dress up int heose hot costumes on the 80 degree day, to the ones helping me with parking (even if I grumbled)

I had a wonderful time. It was amazing! Devon is Devon.....I keep hoping for a miricle or breakthrough or something, but I spend most of the time thinking he is never going to change.

Do not take that as depressed as it sounds. I loved seeing all the smiles he gave to people today and all the hugs. I loved seeing how much he has grown this school year. And after spending the day with him today. I am sort of happy that he hasn't changed to much .....yet!

I think for him..... the world will always revolve around him and what "Devon "wants...... but today he wanted to share it with me & Katie and it sure was "totally awesome"!

ps- I am feeling quite old all of a sudden! and wondering why two grown adults with college degrees can't make microwave popcorn with out burning it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Adrian's Newly Painted Room!!!!

I finally got a round to painting Adrian's new room......she moved in last May 1st (before Devon came and we moved everyone around).

Cause you know having eight kids including the new baby....making painting so easy! Let us not forget that Adrian wanted to help which then involved a lot of wet wipes and Mr. Clean Eraser's and carpet cleaner (she stepped in the pink paint and the tracked it everywhere!)

I never got to paint it....cause when I had time I found out I was pregnant..... and wanted to wait till the end of first trimester..... the the puking came........ and the rest is a long history.

We had her bed made ----just not painted....... and we had moved all her stuff up there (it is a loft above our bedroom). Sometime she has the most expensive carpet in the house with all her clothes and toys all over!
So before Devon came we moved all hers, Colin's & Melea's doll's (their twinns) and the clothes I made them...... her special doll house and the EVIL barbie who wears every ones clothes....... I hate that three foot tall thing! I mistake it for a child all the time!

It is long and skinny........ likely Melea will end up there some day and Miranda in with Eliza so there are two in every room.

So here they are...... by the way she picked all the colors and decided what to do....... I just painted and got yelled at cause I was taking to long!

Adrian just loves bright colors and putting as many together as humanly possible! She is so bright and cheery and her clothing shows that so I let her paint that in her room too!
I figure if she ever turns into a "goth"..... I will know..... really quickly! I do not even think she owns anything that is black.

I also wrote out my favorite saying..... I think I tell her every day at least twice....... YOU SO NOT HAVE TO BE THE BEST....... YOU JUST HAVE TO TRY YOUR BEST!!!! The funniest thing was when she used it back at me...... I love her....

She doesn't like the green in the steps..... she wanted the pepto bismo pink (I HATE PINK and since I see it from my closet I did preempt her!) and I love we green!
We just have to make the curtains for the 36" x 164" window! & The normal one. I fell in love with some at Wal-Mart..... but they discontinued them when I wasn't looking magenta balloon shades. I did get three on eBay for $10. But I need 10 more..... so I think we will likely end up sewing them!

She does have the most awesome view..... third floor from the top of Thunder Mountain....... down on the valley.......

I also want her to remember all the things she can be ...... in case I forget to tell her every morning with the eight of them and trying to get them out the door!

BY THE WAY SHE IS A COLORFUL GIRL..... that is a mild outfit int the photos! Have a great day! You can not see the purple paisley leggins and hot pink glitter shoes.