Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I wish I could explain (or contain) my happiness........

if this makes any sense to anyone..... I was so excited last evening at my four oldest and Jordan playing and interactions while we were waiting for Charlie Brown to start.

Devon snuggled with me on my bed for 18 minutes by himself and wanted me to hug and kiss him as we watched Mickey's Christmas Carol (on ABC FAM Channel)....... it seems like no big deal...... but when he came to us in May he was afraid of my bed, afraid or not able of being held for more than 30 to 45 seconds...... and watching TV was not something he would share........ WITH ANYONE!

Melea and Colin came in after they helped Kayla put Miranda and Eliza to bed....... they started jumping on mom's big bed (same one Devon and I are lying on) there was no move to screaming...... no fear....... he just looked at me and moved closer......

The jumping and then trying to get Devon to play with them went on for about 11 minutes....... they would come sit next to him, stroke or rub his back and talk to him, then go jump some more.....They were not interested in Mickey or the Pooh special afterwards...... I think that is a mom thing).

During this time Adrian and Jordan and Kayla came to join us....... no hitting or pushing from Devon at his favorite target (Jordan) he did sit up and start paying attention to the others....... eventually he gave in and let Melea pull him into playing a little and one or two jumps.......

Then the coolest thing happened......... besides the 5 minutes of interaction with Melea and Colin, when Devon wanted to return to Mom he found his spot occupied (note .....Jordan jumped into my arms as soon as Devon vacated them) instead of hitting or starting to scream or all of the normal things....... he touched me and looked at me and then touched Jordan.... I reminded him "good touching" he wanted Jordan to move and his spot back ....... I tried to get him to go back to Melea or Kayla...... Devon was not interested so he shook his head no ....... pushed (in a nice way at Jordan twice more..... not movement from Jordan there........)

So Devon got off my bed, calmly walked to his room BY HIMSELF (again he usually has to have some one's hand or you need to be a step behind or ahead of him...... he rarely goes somewhere on his own .....imagine a really cute duck with an afro and the cutest eyes ever following you where ever you go)....... He waited at his door till Kayla got there and then signed all done and wanted to go to bed!

To me...... mom who some days has very little things that excite me greatly...... I just want to scream from the roof top..... how cool this was......

again if you didn't know Devon before, didn't know us and realize that Devon is 7 1/2 years old, you would wonder why this would excite a mom this much.......

BUT IT WAS SO DARN COOL TO ME!!!!!!! I WAS SO PROUD OF MY SON and how far he has come in the last 6 months and of all the other kids because they are trying to bring him further...... but they don't seem to push him any further than he can go at the moment! I love them and how they take care of each other so much!

So maybe we didn't all make it to watch Charlie Brown together for almost 35 minutes Devon interacted with me, the real world and his family! And my other kids showed me (again) how much they love and seem to understand him, and will be here for Devon however he needs or wants them in his life!

NEW RULE!!!!!! At the Grumpy house!!!!

Daddy must tell me before 7:35 am that he couldn't get the car up the driveway due to the ice (the night before) so I have enough time to put all kids in the van and not to assume that the ice or the plow will show up to save us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

URGH I hate winter....... I love my house, but the drive and the road to the drive SUCK!

FORGET THIS OR NOT TELL ME ERIC and your job is to take all the expletive kids and wait for the bus

(side note I also would have put on warmer clothes and shoes had I known!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to the heater and hot tea.......)

Monday, December 15, 2008


OK ....really an ice day!

Every mother's fear or scorn.... the snow day or unexpected day off school!

I actually love spending time with the kids and occasionally like the extra sleep time (and it is so hard if they don't cancel school to decide if I can go get them if the buses can not run!...... that drive way~!) Course I expected the 7 am call from my neighbor asking me for the phone number of the guy who plows and salts are driveway! (and of course she didn't disappoint!)

But all the kids were up at 5 am playing in their rooms and telling me about the snow!!!!! They couldn't wait for the sun to come up and wanted to go and play in the snow! (it really was more ice and we didn't get to play outside.......)

But it was a fun day anyways and we finished the indoor decorating and will clean the closet that was on my list for three weeks and keeps getting pushed to the back, and their is always laundry!

If I am lucky Eric will stay here and work from home..... I have been have some pretty hard Braxton Hicks and am really tired!

So come on winter.......... do your worst!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yesterday I was so proud........

Adrian told me the truth ahead of time!!!!! Eric & I have been working on this for a while and I am just so excited that she did it.......... I can forgive almost anything ........ I just want to know ahead of time!

Here is what happened......

At kindergarten they have four different levels of cards green, yellow, red and blue. They get them for behavior Green is for a good day........ blue ..... well go right to Principal's office!

Ironically I had been expecting Princess Grumpy to have a lot of issues with in class room behavior and to drive her teacher nuts...... but she has had all green cards so far. We get a paper we are supposed to sign each Friday with the colors for the whole week, and if they had all green they get to pick a special prize from the treasure chest (again slightly annoying when she brings home the same crap I sent in for the chest..... but another story!)

Well Friday we are getting ready for school..... we all just put Devon on the bus and hugged the heck out of him cause he waved bye bye and said it too!

We are walking back in and I say to her "What do you want to pick out today from Cochran's Treasure chest?"

I am expecting to hear a crown or a necklace or a cool pencil or something....... I hear instead " Well Mom, I have been meaning to bring this up since Wednesday........"

My mind starts rolling, and I am a little worried (She is my kid after all and do I have a temper! as well as little regard for the rules at times)

Wed was also early dismissal day ...... which is really hard because both morning and afternoon classes are there at the same time and there are almost 40 children and adults in the room! SO I am really starting to get worried.

She then proceeds to tell me she got a yellow card for not following directions and messing around with another student (didn't need to guess which one...... she has a little boy in the afternoon that neither he nor Adrian can behave really well when the other is around!...... not an excuse mind you.... just observation!)

I give her a big hug and tell her it is all right...... we all have a day or two every once and while where we don't want to follow the directions, I just hope that she listens better the next time and that I was so proud she told me! (before I got a call or saw the paper.......)

I really was proud and I reminded her later when we told Eric about it...... that mom hasn't been listening really well lately and has been really on edge and short fused so I could understand why she might have similar problems........ she did say that at least she wasn't pregnant! (my excuse)

Friday, December 12, 2008

No good deed........

goes unpunished~~!

I have been trying to do the good recession Christmas mom...... not many new presents..... not a lot of money spent...... seven kids......lots of clothes and PJ's and underwear.

I went for gifts we could use together as a family (we enlarged the play loft; got used Foosball; bumper pool / game table; neat air hockey table; grampy sent us a tent! and other grandpa sent me $ to buy some more camping gear~! Craig's list!!!!

(remember I think with 8 Christmas behind us......I am sure we actually have every toy on the planet and then some)

Well I decided to get Colin and the rest a used ski ball machine (he loves ski ball and I thought it might work well for reinforcement at school with the tokens) and to buy Eric a really neat used CD jukebox! And about 150 cds to replace the collection he had to sell when he was laid off in 2001~ it took forever to find all of them....... (that and I am tired of hearing him whine about it!)

I was so proud of myself and I am only looking for a great hot tub we can agree on and a pool table w/ a ping pong top! The kids will love it...... daddy is making them benches to stand on to reach the tables and we got a few of the $5 games from Wal-mart.......... lots of fun....... and a whole lot less than I usually have spent.
But as I said above no good deed goes unpunished!

The really nice guy dropping off the ski ball machine, got lost twice (surprise.... I did warn him about trying to find our house in the dark...... let alone turn around a trailer) so he was late........
his friend was now in a hurry....... I just wanted to get them in and covered so Eric and the kids would be surprised!

Well they did get the jukebox in........but it was too cold to set up and of course I can't move it to its final position or put in the cd's till we get the ski ball in and I rearrange the game room again!!!! (I know MOM .....not what 30 week preggers should do on her own!) So it is just in the middle of the floor....... the ski ball is in the garage........ nice guy and Eric will move it in tonight or tomorrow.....

but perfect Christmas mom really wanted to have it all done before Eric had gotten home and wrapped. I always want to surprise him........ BUT IT NEVER HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just sort of gave up....... yes MOM....... I gave up....... I cried cause I couldn't make it all work, then I went and made spaghetti & bread......we all watched Rudolph's shinny New Year and then off to bed with the short ones! (sort of hoping Eric would miss it when he got home..... but no luck!)

He tripped over it, and he was surprised! (just not on Christmas day...... oh well..... there is always next year~!)

He did say it will be a really cool game room when I am done (I can't wait to paint and plaster & tile it...... but that will happen after baby number 8 in late Feb!...... unless I go insane!)

Friday, December 5, 2008

It is decorating time!!!!!

The Crazy Christmas Mom is back!!!!!

This year we have fourteen trees to put up! (I collect Christmas ornaments..... so I have to have trees....... I actually want to make about 5 more..... a nutcracker, an americanna type, a fiesta, quilling /quilled ornament , and a bubble tree!)
It seems to be taking me longer than ever! But I am trying not to panic or stress..... rationalizing it will get done, cards will be written and mailed when able, and
WE WILL ALL HAVE FUN!!!!!! No matter what!
Well I will post the photos of the trees as I get them up and down loaded! I love Christmas and hope that he start of this season finds all of you happy and looking forward to spending time with all your loved ones! Cause that is all that really matters (and waiting for a 50 degree day to put up the outdoor lights!)