Saturday, April 25, 2009


I am so tired of Wal-M#$% and Targ&*) and all the other stores treating me like I am a dumb consumer.

I watch prices I watch numbers / counts on boxes...... I have eight mouths to feed and butts to diaper! I NOTICE and I am tired of it! Quit keeping the packages the same size and putting in less...... from cereal (yeah I know you just matched General Mills and others). I have put up with the disappearing diapers for a while and even the missing 48 wipes (8 from every package for about 2-3 weeks down from 80 to 72 then a huge new end cap saying more...we are giving you more now!

But yesterday you really made me mad! I will call again today when I finish this...... I am madder than when you got rid of the green (lime) flavored yogurt for 3 months when you put more of the ridiculously priced GoGurt and other espensive kid marketed brands! Madder than when you quit carrying equate bar soap!

You took a whole package of wipes out of the six pack in the parents choice! At first I just thought I got a defective package...... it shook....... I looked at the package....same size...... you didn't even try to hid it this time...... It just said FIVE.....440 wipes.......not the usual 6 pack.

There was an empty space.... someone else will notice......they have too..... it can't just be me.

OK it can Eric just opened it....I had to buy it.....we were out..... I guess that is how you get away with it...... you are our only choices if I need to keep our costs as low as they can go! But I a, noticing and keeping track and angry.......angry about the fact that this pack is missing.....angry about the fact in several weeks it "will suddenly" reappear as a gimmick to make you think you care about out needs and the fact that everyone is penny pinching.......and YOU ARE TRYING TO HELP US OUT! But I will remember.......

I wish I could boycott you..... I tried mad it 2 weeks and 5 days.....19 days...... oh yeah it did nothing in their bottom line.....made me completely sure I hated the generic diapers at Walgre&&^% and ended up costing me more money on just about everything! I am sure that you didn't even notice a dent in your bottom line...... (note I spend about $250 each week on food and other household items there).....but to me it is a huge amount.

Wal-M#$%@ was the second corporate brand my kids recognized (McDonald's being first).......My son Jordan & Adrian's could say it before Grandma and most of their siblings has become the generic term for "store" at our house like xerox...... but notice.... I am watching and I know and I am mad.

Raise the prices, but quite trying to make me think you are doing me a favor by giving me 8 more wipes or 2 more diapers or locating the missing 2 oz of generic Cheerios! The used to be made money when you took them away,,,,,,,,, GIVE THEM BACK!


JennyH said...

I know what you mean. things like that just pisses me off! They and Sam's don't care!

datri said...

Did WM get rid of their White Cloud brand? Kayla gets her diapers thru Medicaid, but we used to get the White Cloud which were SO much better than their Parent's Choice brand (that would NOT be my first choice!)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jane,

I am a 30 year old Mother of 2 boys leaving in Illinois. I just wanted to let you know that you are my Hero. I take lots of inspiration from your family. Within people like you and your husband Eric; I see the form of Almight that reminds me of blessings conferred upon us. Merry Christmas and keep writing.