Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Special Olympics Track- Colin & Melea

Besides President Obama's 100 day celebratory town hall meeting here today, we had a much more exciting event..........another Special Olympic Track Meet, this time for Colin & Melea.

It really is amazing to go to these events. Though we were almost late because the presidential motorcade blocked the highway due to the overcast and gloomy weather preventing the helicopters from flying. How ever I did manage to get myself sunburned......and Emerson got a little pink on his for head. Colin & Melea just got browner and more gorgeous with their olive complexions.

The day started at McDonald's with our special Mommy & kids breakfast of hot cakes......OK I really needed that large iced coffee! We always try to share a special family breakfast before each field trip so the children who aren't going...... feel special too. This morning it was so cool to walk arm and arm across the parking lot with Adrian singing her new "song" about how much she loves her family! What an amazing girl...I just wish she had gotten any of her dad's or her aunt's musical talent......but alas she sing and keeps time like me! But she tries and since I believe heart does count (and I am her mom) it is amazing!

Then we went to school to have Colin & Melea catch the bus with their classmates.....but surprise when the bus gets STAR SEATS! Things like this used to irritate me......but not as much as it used too. ("serenity now....serenity now") OK....really this is why I make sure Eric or I are able to go on every I can drive them.....if it happens......and it usually happens once or twice a year. I actually think my kids like it better anyways! More mommy time......and this time she got to ride next to Emerson.....extra special morning part three.
Well we follow the bus.... get parked..... find the kids teacher and get to meet our buddies for the day. Just like Devon's last week, we got some wonderful helpers. Dillan & Brian.
These awesome students took my kids around to their events and played with them all day at the Olympic Village. They were so patient and tried to get them involved.
A lot of times people ask me if Colin remembers stuff....well two days later he is still doing the cool handshake that Brian taught him. Colin was even trying ti teach it to Devon and Colin.
Colin is still showing off his ribbons and Melea showing me her medal. So all in all another really great day!

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